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The Hurley Report

Trends, Data and Analysis for the Creative Industries.


Welcome to your preview
of the Hurley Report...

Welcome to your preview of the very first edition of The Hurley Report!

The report contains Trends, Data and Analysis for the Creative Industries, including up to the minute trends and knowledge gleaned from my experience and businesses in multiple industries - some of which, I've profiled in the full report - along with data and my own personal insights and analysis.



*please note the spelling of color / colour varies depending on whether the information source is US or UK based.


It's easy to write off colour as a passing trend or fad, but colour trends reflect pretty much everything in society. Following colour trends, you'll see bright colours as we come through difficult times, moody colours during times of instability and harmonious colours as we redress balance.

Watching colour trends and using them correctly can help your products really speak to people throughout their everyday life.


UK MARKET VALUE - £360 Million

The craft industry has an average growth of 5% YOY worldwide.

"we have observed a notable demographic shift with a younger audience entering the marker through social media and engaging with online tutorials and shows"

Simon Burns

CEO of ICHF Events

In the Full Report

Pre-designed colour palettes

Even more of the latest industry trends broken down with moodboards

Industry focus and data for Craft, Licensing, Wedding, Gift, Stationery, Paper Goods and Greeting Cards industries

Consumer audience profiles and analysis

How Gen Z, Millennials and Boomers consume content

The most effective types of content

The return to events

The return of long form content and how to make the most of it

The creator Economy

The death of Hashtags and what's next

The rise of AI and how to harness it for good

What is big data?

24 page report - available as a printed copy or digitally
Corporate presentation with personalised insights and Q&A available.

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