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Achieving Your Goals three times easier!

Did you know, you're 3 times more likely to achieve your goals IF you write them down?

Sounds super easy doesn't it?

In my experience, it's true though. Here's the thing. When we want to do something, it spins in our head for a bit. Think of an easy task or two, say you want to pop to the grocery store, pick up some milk and put petrol in your car. As you're leaving the house, you look for your keys, your phone, your car keys and while you do that you map out in your head the route to the grocery store, do you get petrol on the way there or the way back? Which store are you going to? All of these little things swirl around your head and in the end, a simple task seems overwhelming. You also go over the same thing more than once so it actually feels much bigger that it is!

Now imagine the same scenario with your business. There is just SO MUCH to be done at any one time. All of the things you have to swirl around your head just to get through a normal day. Did that order go yesterday? Have you re-ordered stock? Did you change the colour on that label like you promised the customer? Have you called that supplier? and on and on. It's so easy to get bogged down in the small details and forget the big things, the actual reason WHY you do all of this. Your goals get lost along the way and in some cases (I know it well!) there is so much in your head you feel almost paralysed with it all - nightmare!

Now imagine you had a list... a little every day to do list, of course BUT also a big list - of all the things you want to achieve. On a bad day you can look through it and remind yourself why you're putting yourself through the stress and hard work. On a good day it gives you a boost. Also, from this big list you can take each big task and break it down into much more manageable small ones that you're more likely to tick off.

If I give you a task of writing a book, it seems huge, right? But if I ask you to write one page about something you love today then again tomorrow and then a couple of days next week, it's much more manageable.

And therein likes the success. It breaks down the overwhelm, it gives yo manageable steps AND it keeps you on track.

To get you started, here's your first list...

  1. Write a list of all the big things you want to achieve - think BIG!

  2. Download our FREE goal planner printable

  3. Take one of your big goals, your favourite one or the one that seems most manageable

  4. Use the goal planner to break it down into small steps

  5. Take each small step one by one

  6. Achieve massive goal!

See, it's THAT easy...

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